About sbobet 5555 sbobet5555.wehalibushcraft.com

The sbobet 5555 sbobet5555.wehalibushcraft.com web site is an online travel and hotel reservation service operated by Asia One Plus Co. Ltd., a company registered in Thailand under German and Thai management.

We are a fully licensed and bonded inbound travel operator in Thailand.

Our  Tourism Authority of Thailand License Number is 22/0123.

Please contact the TAT with any complaints regarding the service of our company (http://www.tat.or.th).

We combine bleeding edge technology with professional on-the-ground operations to offer the most easy-to-use and fastest booking experience for accommodation in Thailand and worldwide.

As the first travel agent in Thailand we have implemented a "Pay-at-Hotel" option for many hotels, offering ultimate security and convenience.

Full Legal Address:

Asia One Plus Co. Ltd.
246/9-10 Tepnimit Village
Maneenopparat Road.
T. Sripum
A. Meuang
Chiang Mai 50200

Phone +66 (0) 5340 5296-8, Mobile Hotline: +66 (0) 89755 6252

Managing Directors:

Mr. Dirk Bergmann
Former German Associate Judge and Attorney, Experienced Web Developer and Webmaster

Ms. Prakaiphet Thammawong
BSc. Accounting (Chiang Mai University)

Current Date & Time in Thailand:

Date and Time in Thailand

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Tourism Authority of Thailand

Tourism Authority of Thailand License Number 22/0123.

E-Commerce Registration
Our business is e-commerce registered with the Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce, Royal Thai Government, registration number 0505543002331.
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